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The God Who Loves You

Here was another life-changing book for me. I can’t find the exact quote, but the idea in the book that hit me like a ton of bricks was “God creates only out of love. That means He made me only out of love. Therefore, my reason for existence is love.” Something like that, anyway. I will edit this if I can find the exact quote.

The One Who Is Everything

I know nothing,
I am nothing.

But the One
Who is Everything
Cares for me.

And that means


Ridin’ on the Wave

Ridin’ on the wave of God’s love —
It can be precarious,
It’s sometimes hilarious,
But don’t be nefarious —
Just ride it, ride on.

As we ride the wave of God’s love —
Our balance let’s keep,
His truth and love seek,
Be humble and meek —
Keep ridin’, keep on.

To ride on the wave of God’s love —
Let go and surrender,
Receive His love tender,
His grace do not hinder —
Let go and ride on.

… And if you should fall —
Attend to His call;
Get up and stand tall …

You Brought Me Low

O Lord, You brought me low —
A worm in the dust.
I despised myself
And was despised by men.

Mocked and ridiculed,
My hair hung down.
No beauty to attract others,
No winsomeness, nor delight.

I fought to breathe;
I choked in dust.
I grabbed for anything —
My soul was desperate.

But You, O Lord,
Were with me,
Though I did not know it.

I wandered in a parched land;
In desert plains I wandered.

You waited for me.

How You must have cried
To see me thus.

I cannot know your purpose,
Neither then nor now.
Only that You love me,
And I must You, somehow.

Love is Calling

Love is patient,
Love is kind —
Let God’s love possess your mind.

Love’s not boasting,
Love’s not proud —
Let us sing His praises loud.

Love’s not jealous,
Love’s not rude —
With forgiveness it’s imbued.

Love rejoices
In the truth —
Love forever does endure.

Love doesn’t give up,
It doesn’t lose faith —
It’s never early, never late.

Always hopeful,
Always free —
Love is our true destiny.

“Re: “ is for “response”

Wow, I really love getting responses to emails. If I write to people, I sometimes absolutely crave getting a response, anything to show that it meant something to them.

I guess we are made to communicate, but we all communicate in different ways. Sometimes it seems much easier for me to write to someone than to call them on the phone. I don’t fear their rejection as much when I write. Go figure!

But, I think as humans we all need to be responded to, so much so that as children at least, we would rather receive negative attention than no attention at all.

On pondering all this, I wondered what it is like for God when I don’t respond to Him. How many times a day is He telling me He loves me (through nature, other people, His word, etc.)? When I feel hurt by someone’s non-response (and usually they have a very good reason – I am NOT the center of the world, after all 🙂 ), perhaps I need to reflect on the times I have not responded to God or to others.

Just something to ponder.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Quietly, behind the scenes
God’s love is working
As we dream.
We fuss, we fret;
Still He directs
The drama of our life’s events

Like a conductor
Does He lead
With perfect timing
Meets a need
Never early, never late
Life’s music He does orchestrate

What seems to be a tragedy
Though deeply sad, can really be
A door to further growth, you see
Though painful, it will to Him lead

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