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The Double J

[I didn’t intend this as a “country music” type poem,
but it ends up sounding like that. This is a real place
where I love to go with my husband.]

Come on down to the Double J Cafe!
The people are friendly, and the grub is great.

The lady at the counter says “How do you do?”
“The special we have is made just for you.”

There’s a fire burnin’ on a wintry night,
Gas, not wood, but it still feels right.

No TVs blaring, no ads on a screen,
Just the radio playin’; a happy scene.

The food is delicious, even cheesecake.
The man in the cowboy hat had a slice to take.

They’re not open daily, just four days a week,
And if family’s sick, they have a bad streak.

Just feels like home, from long ago.
And they play the old songs, with 60s tempo.

It’s probably all just an innocent dream,
In cities, people murdered, while politicians scheme.

But I still think that heaven is a place where there’ll be
Good food, warmth, and laughter, and a grand happy scene. 


I’d love to play all of a day
And dance on sunlit lawns,
But somehow light begins to dawn,
Or shall I say, the sunset comes?

I’d love to sing the glorious songs
And soak in beauteous tones,
But then, alas, reality,
Tells me that duty calls.

I’d love to read a book all day
Or sit by warming fire,
But others call upon my help,
And some – their needs are dire.

The truth, it seems, or partly so,
Is dishes, toilets, mold, and floors,
The cooking, baking, and bed making.

And don’t forget the many tasks
That little ones and spouses ask.

But one can dream, and may it be
That both can be reality,
And even at one time.

Hard work and toil —
And bounteous joy.

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