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All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve –
Called Halloween,
When ghosts and goblins
Can be seen.

The night before
The saints are celebrated,
Pumpkins carved
Are finely calibrated.

The candy orgy
Makes you porky.
The sugar high
Makes kids fly high.

Yet still a candle
Brightly burns.
Let faith fight fear
And tricks be turned

To acts of love
To kindness bold,
To light that conquers
Fears of old.

On Magnolia Street

[In Mountain View, the city has planted
magnolia trees along many streets. This
was written after a morning walk.]

On Magnolia Street in Mountain View
My nose was tickl’d by morning dew.

I kicked the seed pods as I passed,
Though squirrels found them great repast.

The pods had ruin’d my mow’r twice,
Left on the lawn against advice.

So if you walk in Mountain View
Please stop and do pick up a few.

Your Candle

When your candle’s barely burning,
When your breath is just a sigh,
Step out into the darkness —
Lift your prayer to God on high.

Remember how He loves you
Amidst your fear and sin;
Remember how He died for you
And did the victory win.

He’ll carry you in darkness,
He’ll comfort you in grief.
He’ll give you all you ever need
If you’ll just trust in Him.

And if you don’t feel trusting,
If doubt and fear creep in,
Just let it go, give Him control,
Just give it all to Him.

Everybody’s Talking

Everybody’s talking,
Fighting all the time.
Think that their opinion
Is wise and so sublime.

Have their own perspective,
Think it’s the only way,
Can’t listen to another,
Must jump into the fray.

Can’t see the other viewpoint,
Don’t let others have their say.
Must always be the winner
Must always have their way.

They never ask another,
How do you see things?
How does your perspective
Fit all that’s happening?

We’ve got to learn to listen,
Each one of us has guilt.
Let’s use our ears more often,
Our lips have got to chill.

Blest by Believing

“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)

Blest by believing,
Blest one of faith.
Blest in her offspring,
Blest by God great.

Blest in the morning,
Blest in the night.
Blest in her dreaming,
God took away fright.

Blest in her suffering,
Blest in her pain,
Blest in her offering
To God unrestrained.

Bless-ed be Joseph,
Her faithful betrothed —
By angel visited
And Mary took home.

In faith going forward
On roads then untrod,
To unknown beginnings,
They gave all to God.

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