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To Be Human


To be human
Is to love – and lose.
Then my response
I need to choose.

To be human
Is to hurt – and cry.
Perhaps anger will
My hurt belie.

And then my anger
Might energy give
To right the wrong,
To help me live.

To be human
Is to have deep needs.
I might deny them,
But they’re the seeds …

To bring salvation
If I’ll confess
How needy I am –
That my heart is a mess.

But if my love
Is real and true
Will it be spurned?
I don’t have a clue.

And if my “love”
Has selfish roots,
I’m back to square one –
Truer love to pursue.

But I’m always learning,
Ever learning.
And for God’s truth —
Forever yearning.

Clear As Mud

The things I thought
Meant quite a lot
Have come to naught.

I’m from another world.
My life is quite absurd,
Except for God’s good Word.

It doesn’t seem to matter.
There’s nothing here to flatter.
I’m only getting fatter.

No feedback nor response,
No nod nor mere nuance,
A muddy ambiance.

This feeling of confusion —
Can it be delusion?
I need a blood transfusion.

“Re: “ is for “response”

Wow, I really love getting responses to emails. If I write to people, I sometimes absolutely crave getting a response, anything to show that it meant something to them.

I guess we are made to communicate, but we all communicate in different ways. Sometimes it seems much easier for me to write to someone than to call them on the phone. I don’t fear their rejection as much when I write. Go figure!

But, I think as humans we all need to be responded to, so much so that as children at least, we would rather receive negative attention than no attention at all.

On pondering all this, I wondered what it is like for God when I don’t respond to Him. How many times a day is He telling me He loves me (through nature, other people, His word, etc.)? When I feel hurt by someone’s non-response (and usually they have a very good reason – I am NOT the center of the world, after all 🙂 ), perhaps I need to reflect on the times I have not responded to God or to others.

Just something to ponder.

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