Poems, Personal Stories, and Observations


I have suffered from depression since about age thirteen.  I had a major breakthrough around September of 2011.  After that breakthrough, I began writing poems, which I hadn’t done since I was a young adult.  I’m still working on digging up the roots of my depression so it can be totally healed.  There is hope because Jesus never gives up on us!!

Some resources that have helped me (besides those who have counseled and mentored me):

Facebook page: “Victory Over Depression”
Book: “The Catholic Guide to Depression” by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Web page:  http://www.guidetopsychology.com
Book: “The God Who Loves You” by Peter Kreeft.
Book: “Interior Freedom”, by Jacques Phillipe
Website: http://madeinhisimage.org/ , especially http://madeinhisimage.org/sweetheart-stop-that-you-are-enough/
Books: “Anger and Forgiveness”, 3rd edition, and “Psychology from the Heart: The Spiritual Depth of Clinical Psychology”, both by Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
Book: “From Resentment to Forgiveness: A Gateway to Happiness”, by Francisco Ugarte.

More to come.

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