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Jumbled Dream

Written while taking a walk in the neighborhood.
Just playing with the sounds of words —
Hope it might have some meaning for you … 🙂


I fell into a dream and screamed.
I fell into a vat and laughed.
I flew around the sky and cried.
I prayed, and then my fears were stayed.

I broke into a song and longed
For peace within my troubled heart.
I wrote this poem with these words
To stop the threat of life absurd.

I felt the wind against my skin.
I felt the peace well up within.
I tried to give you all my heart —
At least, I made a running start.

I sang the song of always-love.
It flew in air, like peaceful dove.
The Spirit came down from above,
And told me what His secret was.

I fell into a new romance.
It made me jump about and dance.
Alas, ’twas just a thing of chance —
A fluke, a spark, a happenstance.

And now I see that nothing lasts,
Except the love born in my past.
The Love that brought me from the womb,
And will be there when I meet tomb.

Look Beyond

Look beyond what eyes can see.
Look beyond the bounds of time.
Look forward to eternity —
What will be your destiny?

Gently He is calling you;
Gently calls you by your name.
Will you listen to His call?
Will you give Him all your all?

Walk on the Journey

Inspired by my daughter and husband starting their walk on the Camino de Santiago


Walk on the journey,
Don’t be afraid.
Take Jesus with you;
Yes, with you He’ll stay.

Take living water
And bread for your soul.
Let Him now feed you
And you’ll be made whole.

Life is a journey,
The road up and down.
Stay on His path now
And you’ll win a crown.

Don’t expect roses,
Or ease all the time.
Some things will happen
That cause you to frown.

But if you keep going,
In faith bear things out,
You’ll come to the finish —
“Halleluia”, you’ll shout.

Don’t give up — one more step now;
You’re nearly there.
Keep on His path now;
His joy you will share.

On the Wrong Side

(Reflections on D-Day and other conflicts)

What happens when
You’re on the wrong side,
Through no fault of your own? —
You didn’t ask to be born.

What happens when
You’re one black among whites
Or one white among blacks?

What happens when
Your skin’s another color,
Your religion is different,
Or you’re the former enemy?

Peace has been declared,
But it takes take time
For hatred not to flare.

I’m on the wrong side sometimes,
But I have to live.
Please give me a chance.

Don’t judge me by labels
And prejudiced fables.
Though some may be true,
I’m a person too.

And I, too, must learn
To open my heart,
To make a new start.

To open my mind,
To learn to be kind,
Though we might disagree —
We need to be free.

To see you as special
Would really be helpful.
To see your great worth —
It really can’t hurt.

To learn to forgive,
That’s how we must live.

(June 6, 2014 – 70th anniversary of D-Day, World War II)

The enemy

The enemy will tell you lies;
Don’t be surprised.
Says you’re no good —
You ought, you should
Give up and never try again.

He worms and wiggles,
He really squiggles
Into your mind —
He gets inside.

Will twist and turn,
Pervert and squirm,
Ooze into you,
But you must choose.

Rebuke the lie —
Yes, you must try.
Receive the grace
And win the race.

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