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A new day is dawning;
Transition begins.
The bright butterfly
From chrysalis transcends.

What once upon
The earth did crawl,
Spreads glorious wings,
Though frail and small.

Giving It All Away

There’s nothing left,
I’ve been drained dry.
Can’t force a smile;
Can’t even cry.

I feel I’ve given
All I can give.
Except perhaps
My mess and sins.

Put all my energy
In what I thought …
Was most important,
What meant a lot.

And now I find
It all is dust.
A new beginning —
I’ll have to trust.

Yet there is hope
Within my soul.
God’s pruning me,
To make me whole.

Lord, take my mess
And all my sins.
Then You will truly
Dwell within.

On Jagged Cliff

On jagged cliff
I stand on edge.
For love of God
I take the chance.

Or stand at start
Of tunnel dark
And enter on
A somber lark.

I walk the rope
Twixt light and dark.
Upon His word
I must embark.

I cry and cry,
I moan and sigh,
And then He says,
“Just trust Me now.”

And like a child
I take His hand,
Beginning now
Adventure grand.

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