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Looking back, what will I leave?
Sadness, joy, or bickering?

Will people smile as they remember
Those moments spent, us two together?

Will they laugh, or rather cry?
Be gratified, or give a sigh?

How did I spend my life on earth?
The pain endured, how much was worth?

The weeds, the wheat, the flowers strewn
Will be the writing on my tomb.

Let Not Dreams Die

When dreams are dead
Men lose their heart,
And, like dead men,
They fall apart.

Inside, unseen,
Their souls like stone,
Bear calloused wounds,
Exist forlorn.

Let not dreams die —
Still deep inside,
Quench not the fire
Of hope alive.

Let Love somehow
Heal deepest wounds.
Let Jesus’ love
Break open tombs!

Then shout, and sing,
Our voices raise!
Hosannahs bring
In humble praise!

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