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Not as Advertised

I didn’t sign up
For this lousy trip.
First Class was promised –
“Third Class” says my ticket.

Sunny skies predicted;
It’s started to storm.
Lots of companions?
Not at all; I’m forlorn.

Friendly co-travelers?
Instead I get abuse.
A smooth, easy road?
I say, “What’s the use?”

But on the horizon
I now see a sign —
The blue skies are coming,
The happier times.

The road — It’s what you make it;
The load — It can be shared.
The weather? You can take it.
Rain or sun? — Just be prepared.

Companions or foes –
Could it be my choice?
Just listen as you travel
And hear a still, small voice.


Looking back, what will I leave?
Sadness, joy, or bickering?

Will people smile as they remember
Those moments spent, us two together?

Will they laugh, or rather cry?
Be gratified, or give a sigh?

How did I spend my life on earth?
The pain endured, how much was worth?

The weeds, the wheat, the flowers strewn
Will be the writing on my tomb.


I’ve retreated
To a quiet place;
Just need my space.

Too many things
Are coming at me;
I cannot think.

Different voices,
Different choices;
Who’s telling the truth?

All sincerely,
Intensely believing;
Is someone lying?

Focus on Jesus,
He’ll never leave us.
Our mighty God!

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