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The Redwood

The redwood took
Two hundred years
To get so tall.

It took so long,
No one could tell
That it was strong.

The flowers around,
They were so proud.

But, their beauty great
Was quick to fade:
It was too late.

And still the redwood,
It did grow,
Though it was slow.

And now, the flowers,
They are gone,
But the redwood lives.

Sing Anyway

Many tears I’ve often cried,
Some sorrows lived and more just seen.
Heard of many tragedies —
Heartbreaks, pain and misery.

But never mind,
I still must sing
‘Cause otherwise the pain would crush,
And anyway I have a King
Who has a deeply healing touch.

Illness, sickness, death and doom,
Madness, jealousies and gloom,
Accidents not meant to be;
Misunderstandings — let them be.

But anyway,
I still must sing,
‘Cause otherwise the load’s too great,
And anyway I have a King
Who in the end will sadness take.

Don’t even know the reason why
Such sorrow seems to seize my soul.
Another’s pain can often rend
My heart — and then —
It takes a while for it to mend.

And still,
I will keep on the song,
‘Cause otherwise I’d die of pain,
And anyway I have a King
Who in the end will vict’ry gain.

So sing with joy,
Let sorrow flee;
The King will have the victory.

October 21, 2012

To You Who by the World Ignored

To you who by the world ignored

I write these words, I you implore

Take heart, and do not be dismayed

Your time is coming; He’ll not delay

In glorious light He will appear

Heal  every  hurt, calm every fear

Repair all wounds, dry every tear

Your King is coming; He draws near

To little babes, who only moan

He hears your every cry and groan.

He sits not only on the throne

But with you stands; you’re not alone.

He knows you have no weapon strong,

He will prevail and right the wrong.

To those who cannot walk or speak

He knows your heart is hurting deep.

He’ll be your hands, your mouth, your feet.

To those abused, He knows your pain;

He is full strong, can stand the strain.

He only asks you lean on Him

Forgive the sinner, forgive the sin.

Like Mary, who behind the scenes

Endured her Son’s most agonized screams

We quietly our hearts entrust

To Him who never disappoints

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