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I’ll Make You a Garden

I’ll make you a garden,
In which you can tread
On green things that aromas send.

In which you’ll find refreshing shade
Amidst life’s burdens heavy laid.

You’ll see abundant birds and bees,
And squirrels skittering up the trees.

The flowers glorious will be there,
Their fragrance hanging in the air.

The fruits and vegetables will grow —
Might be a few weeds; I don’t know.

There’ll be a bench where you can sit,
And rest your weary bones a bit.

The wind will rustle through your hair;
Accept its presence, if you dare.

You’ll take deep breaths and drink the air —
Finding yourself, you’ll have no care.

Terrifying Disguise

The phrase “Life’s a gift in terrifying disguise”
is taken from an article  by Dr. Kelly Flanagan:
“What to Do When Our Feelings Are Lying to Us”

A baby cries,
Thrust from its mother’s womb –
Unless it’s been his tomb.

By grace or chance,
He continues life’s dance.

If parents give her
Love and Truth,
She’ll have less wounds.

If, instead,
They do berate –
There’ll be more hate.

Life can be cruel –
So many wounds we give and take –
But there is grace.

Life’s a gift in terrifying disguise.
Yet there is One Who redeems —
Let Him also heal.

Unrelenting Love

Speechless and mute —
Words can’t express —
The depth of Your love’s

Boundless, infinite —
Your love divine —
Extending through
All place and time

Patient, enduring –
Deep wounds now healing —
Fills all our yearning

The wages of sin —
God’s redemption reins in

Aft’ Adam’s fall
Your mercy cures all

“To Go Left, First Turn Right”

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In Gardens We Could Smile

[On the passing of my friend Martha]

Goodbye, my friend,
Until we meet again.
When sorrow runs its painful course,
There will be joy again.

Goodbye, my friend,
Who bravely bore your pain,
Who wandered earth in brokenness
And still could wear a grin.

Goodbye, my friend,
Sometimes I hardly knew
What went on, inside your mind
Or what you had been through.

Goodbye, my friend —
We didn’t see eye to eye
On many things, but still it seems
In gardens we could smile.

Goodbye, my friend;
We’ll meet again someday.
Your body healed, our friendship sealed,
And love will ever stay.

Are You a Hopeless Case?

Do you feel like you’re a hopeless case? That no matter what you do, you can’t do it right? That no matter what, your circumstances will never improve? THEN REJOICE!

WHAT ?!?!?!

Yes, I said “REJOICE!” Because God delights in rescuing and healing hopeless cases. Some examples:

1) The Israelites were stuck between Pharoah’s army and the Red Sea with nowhere to escape. BUT GOD, through Moses, parted the Red Sea waters, led the Israelites through, and then let the waters return to their place, drowning Pharoah’s soldiers (Exodus 14).

2) Naaman, not even a believer at the time, and stricken with leprosy, followed the advice of a young Jewish servant girl and visited Elisha, who instructed him how to be healed, and he was (2 Kings 5:1-19).

3) When Elisha and his servant were surrounded by an enemy army, God sent an army of angels to rescue them. Elisha had to ask God to allow his servant to be able to see the army. (2 Kings 6:15-19)

6) Moses, although murdering someone in anger, eventually became the person who led the Israelites out of Egypt. (Exodus 2:11-15)

7) David, though having committed adultery and indirect murder, repented and was “a man after God’s heart.” (Acts 13:22)

8) A woman who had had five husbands, and living with a sixth man, had a deep encounter with Jesus. (John 4:1-30, 39-42)

9) Mary Magdalene who had had seven demons, was healed by Jesus (Mark 16:9)

So, pray that God will show you how to allow Him to change your heart and be willing to receive Him.

Healing Rain

Rush of the rain,
In waves and showers.
Thirsty the earth,
Now will come flowers.

Like Holy Spirit
Comes the rain.
Watering soul
And life again.

Dry was the earth
And hard as iron.
Dead was my soul
‘Til caught on fire.

Spirit of God
Will now break forth.
Like little seedling,
Life brings hope.


The wound of sin
Festers within,
Until God’s light
Can make it right.

Why try to hide
The pain inside?
The healing comes
When brought to light.

Who Are You?

Who are You? Divine are You.
A mystery to me.
So great and vast Your universe;
I can but humble be.

Who are You, Who makes the stars
And tender flowers that bend
Under a gently fragrant breeze,
Or continents can rend?

Who are You Who stirs my heart
Though it be calloused with sin?
Who resurrects my deadened soul
And new life brings within?

Who can bring the dead to life
And heal a broken heart?
Who can kindle love within,
When hatred was the start?

Who is He Whom angels sing,
To Whom the great hosannas ring,
Who brings all hope to suffering,
He is the great, the Most High King!
All glory, honor, let us bring!


How to hug the world’s pain?
A hug could seem so trite.

To let hope enter in again,
Make heavy burden light?

How to ease the suffering
Of untold millions’ blight?

How to bring a healing balm,
A quiet calm, a lasting peace,
A heart at ease, a healing light?

Oh heavy burden, how to bear?
The Savior’s groan does pierce the air.

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