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The Wilds of Truman Avenue

In the wilds of Truman Avenue
Grow rampant weeds
And many seeds
Of wild and untamed flowers

In quiet suburban streets
Some types of weeds
Push through the cracks
No strength they lack

We like to tame and formalize
But sometimes wildness is a prize
That we can learn to cultivate —
But then it isn’t wild


There was a Garden once
Where man and woman roamed
And wild things lived in harmony
With man and his sweet destiny


In the wilds of Truman Avenue
I’ll dig and hoe
While Heaven’s vision
Slowly grows

Time Ticking On



Are you the clay,
Formed by His loving hands?
Are you the stone,
Taking life as it stands?

Does now His loving will
Flow through You, keeping still?
Does saying “Yes” to Him
Give you the biggest thrill?

Are you the canvas now,
Letting His colors run?
Are you the tapestry
His weaving has begun?

Are you now in the boat
Tossed on the storm-swept sea?
But with Him in your boat
Sure that still safe you’ll be?

Time keeps on ticking on;
One day we’ll all be gone.
Be sure you’ll ready be
For heaven’s ecstasy.

Surrounded by Saints

Imperfect people,
Conflicts abound,
Striving for light –
In Christ, heaven bound.

Difference of viewpoint,
Don’t always agree,
But somewhere in heaven,
We’ll all be free.

And I’m
Surrounded by saints.
In God’s eyes, so great –
I’m surrounded by saints.

They don’t shout the good things
That they have done,
Humbly continuing
God’s work, ‘til it’s done.

And I’m
Surrounded by saints.
In God’s eyes, so great –
I’m surrounded by saints.

Yes, I get angry,
I get in a funk –
Don’t like what they’re saying
‘Cause I’m selfishly stuck.

But I’m
Surrounded by saints.
In God’s eyes, so great –
I’m surrounded by saints.

So, Lord, make me humble,
Please melt my hard heart.
And teach me to trust You
To do my own part.

‘Cause I’m
Surrounded by saints
Made whole by Your grace –
I’m surrounded by saints.


Wandering through this globe;
Don’t really have a home.
But — still, I do;
I know it’s true —
That heaven’s my real home.

Can’t settle anywhere;
No place without a care.
I must let go;
Yes, I must know
That God is everywhere.

Can’t seem to find my place.
I need a lot more grace.
A vagabond
Must be so strong
And keep on running the race.


Blues assignment

[For a Music assignment, we had to write some Blues lyrics, so here are mine.
Hope you can imagine it to a blues rhythm. I was imagining myself as a young
woman again, not knowing how to deal with aggressive men.]


[Parentheses indicate speech]

I’m leavin’ the city, gonna find me a country home,
(You know) I’m leavin’ the city, gonna find me a country home,
You know the city ain’t so pretty; it’s just got me down.

You know, it just got too crowded; people all around.
You know, it just got too crowded; people all around.
No place for a girl to breathe, and they all clownin’ around.

‘Course when I got to the country, things were just as bad.
‘Course when I got to the country, things were just as bad.
What’s a girl to do? — all the men are mad.

Well, I’m back in the city; nowhere else to go (don’t seem to be).
Well, I’m back in the city; nowhere else to go (right now).
Just ask God to take control; and I’ll be heaven bound.

I Do Not Speak Your Language

[Not sure if this poem reflects my spiritual or psychological state – maybe both 🙂 ]

I do not speak your language;
I only speak in rhymes.
Perhaps I’m from another world,
Or from another time.

Perhaps I am an alien,
Or my brain is wired wrong.
I cannot speak too plainly,
I’d rather sing a song.

I’m from another universe,
Or country far away.
Struggling bravely to converse —
Withhold what I could say.

I’m singing songs to Jesus;
I’m praying in my mind.
My eyes are turned to heaven,
That country so sublime.

So please be patient with me;
I need to learn to see
Reality, and firmly be
Both here and heaven bound.


Someday I’ll walk in heav’nly lands,
By crashing waves and sunlit sands,
Shall walk beneath an azure sky,
On grassy hills and meadows lie.

No more will furrows cross my brow,
No more my worries back to bow,
No more to let my peace be stirred,
By frowning face or angry word.

Then will I let God’s love enfold,
Will tell His story bright and bold,
Will shine forth with His glorious light,
My weakness showing forth His might.

The Traveler

I must go on,
For the road is long.
No matter how I think or feel,
I must go on.

I must be strong —
Still the river flows.
Where it leads; I do not know.
I must be strong.

I must keep on,
Though all seems dark.
No matter what some say or do,
I must keep on.

Though throat be parched,
Though eyes do sting,
Confusion reign or angels sing —
Remember Jesus’ suffering.

Keep on the road,
And do not fail,
Though drink be bitter, bread be stale.
To heaven’s gate I must prevail.

Walking on Water

Go out onto the water;
Yes, take the first brave step.
No doubt cause you to falter,
Nor look in water’s depth.

Climb up onto the summit;
Go forth one step each time.
Fear not, and you’ll not plummet —
The view will be sublime.

Reach out to many hurting,
One person at a time.
Though you don’t feel worthy,
God’s love from you must shine.

Go forth into the darkness,
Though you do not know the way.
There’s death and there is starkness,
But His light will be your stay.

Keep on, though you are weary;
Make your eyes look up above.
Your goal, which is God’s heaven
Will heal your heart with love.

My mother’s last days

10/27/12 Saturday
Mom went to intensive care tonight, on a BPAP machine (helps her to breathe). She was having spasms due to lack of oxygen to the brain, I think. I’m hoping to drive to Kaiser Hospital in Roseville tomorrow to see her. Her health has not been well and it may be that all of us kids will be with her tomorrow. My husband Tom is on a trip, so please pray that everyone is safe in their travels, that God’s will be done regarding my mother, and that we will be a comfort to her.

10/28/12 Sunday
On Sunday, she had an about an hour of wakefulness at one point. She repeated three times, “Heaven is the only goal”. Then she blessed each one of us kids individually, with a special word for each one. I’m so grateful we had that time.

10/30/12 Tuesday (don’t know where Monday went)
Tuesday was a very good day for mom, emotionally and spiritually speaking. A person from the local church prayed with her, as they do every day. Also, a priest friend of hers called from Africa! I held the phone to her ear and she smiled. She seemed much more peaceful throughout the day. she would smile at us with love when awake, but could only speak one word now and then. Her smile lights up the room! More smiles than I’ve seen on the previous days.

Her best friend from El Cerrito visited her. Tom decided the previous day to cancel his trip and arrived a bit earlier. A harpist [part of the Kaiser Roseville chaplaincy department] came and played for about 1/2 an hour! Lots of prayer and thanks for yours.

Mom was still with us in the morning. She developed a fever and a problem with one of her IVs, but they got all that under control.

She passed away peacefully at about 3:30 p.m. A hospital chaplain had happened (?) to come in and realized that she was passing. I was out in the hallway and they yelled for me. All of her children (four of us), two spouses and two girlfriends were there. Amazing that we all got to be there.

Thank you so much for your prayers for her and our family. I am joyful in the sense that she’s now free of any suffering and with Jesus in heaven, but sad about her leaving us.

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