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Terrifying Disguise

The phrase “Life’s a gift in terrifying disguise”
is taken from an article  by Dr. Kelly Flanagan:
“What to Do When Our Feelings Are Lying to Us”

A baby cries,
Thrust from its mother’s womb –
Unless it’s been his tomb.

By grace or chance,
He continues life’s dance.

If parents give her
Love and Truth,
She’ll have less wounds.

If, instead,
They do berate –
There’ll be more hate.

Life can be cruel –
So many wounds we give and take –
But there is grace.

Life’s a gift in terrifying disguise.
Yet there is One Who redeems —
Let Him also heal.

Comments on: "Terrifying Disguise" (5)

  1. This is gorgeous, Clara. I’m honored you borrowed my phrase and thank you for the citation. Keep writing!

    • Would it be okay to change the third to last line of my poem to “Life’s a gift in terrifying disguise”? That would be pretty much a direct quote. I would keep the citation, etc.

      • Absolutely, Clara. Again, I’m honored. You could just change the citation at the beginning of the poem to include that phrase and it’d be right as rain. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Dr. Flanagan! I was just so struck by your phrase — totally hits home! God bless.

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