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My Psalm of Thanksgiving

[I wrote this after I had an infected kidney stone episode on 2/2/2023. An infected kidney could lead to sepsis. Was in hospital two nights. Doctor put a stent in and drained the infection. 2/14/2023 — Kidney stone and stent removed. Much better now!]

I praise you, O Lord,
For you have rescued me from the path to death.
Once, twice, and three times now,
And perhaps many more that I’m not aware of.

I thank You for those who are healers —
Doctors, nurses, nurse aides, and their helpers.
Please guide them in their work
And give them Your wisdom.

Now, Lord, help me learn from this.
May I take the best care of my body,
The temple of Your Holy Spirit.

May I use my good health
To heal others with the gifts You’ve given me —
Mostly encouragement, I think!

[I also pray to have the gift
To praise You
Right in the midst of any hardship,
For You have a plan for me.]

May Your name be praised
Over all the earth!

Given Good Gifts

The world is still turning
The seasons come and go.
My heart is still beating;
Life has its ebb and flow.

The blossoms still open;
The birds still laugh and sing.
My heart can be broken,
But then it sings again.

The children are smiling,
And many others cry.
Some have empty stomachs,
Some hear sweet lullabies.

If you’ve been given good gifts,
Please share them with the world,
And one day love will conquer
All the tragedy unfurled.

Gifts and Talents

If I don’t have a realistic view of my gifts and talents, I won’t be able to develop them appropriately, and will fall short of the best I could be.  Perhaps I will have missed God’s best plan for me.

Lord, I Need Your Song

Lord, I need Your song in me
To still the noise around.
And keep my heart in tune with Yours;
Let me be heaven bound.

In daily work, in drudgery
Let spirit sing Your praise,
That I will let Your gifts to me
My heart and mind amaze.

Let not my soul so weary be
That I neglect Your painter’s stroke —
Let all the tasks ordained for me
A masterpiece evoke.

And soon a heavenly chorus will sing —
An orchestra and heavenly choir.
With joy and thanks in perfect tune,
And Spirit’s joyful fire.

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