Poems, Personal Stories, and Observations

My Psalm of Thanksgiving

[I wrote this after I had an infected kidney stone episode on 2/2/2023. An infected kidney could lead to sepsis. Was in hospital two nights. Doctor put a stent in and drained the infection. 2/14/2023 — Kidney stone and stent removed. Much better now!]

I praise you, O Lord,
For you have rescued me from the path to death.
Once, twice, and three times now,
And perhaps many more that I’m not aware of.

I thank You for those who are healers —
Doctors, nurses, nurse aides, and their helpers.
Please guide them in their work
And give them Your wisdom.

Now, Lord, help me learn from this.
May I take the best care of my body,
The temple of Your Holy Spirit.

May I use my good health
To heal others with the gifts You’ve given me —
Mostly encouragement, I think!

[I also pray to have the gift
To praise You
Right in the midst of any hardship,
For You have a plan for me.]

May Your name be praised
Over all the earth!

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