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Resurrection Nearing

It’s really not your fault –
Perhaps my fated cross.
Some days I live in clinging fog;
I swim as if in thickest bog.

And yet I see a Light
That keeps me in the fight.
Won’t God His precious promise keep?
He’ll surely make my soul complete.

Poor thinking got me here –
Poor thinking, and much fear.
Must reconstruct my mind;
New truths I need to find.

And here’s were God comes in –
His life must grow within.
His Word I must digest
And of my fear divest.

The past I must let go;
The lies and fears forego.
The resurrection nears –
Let there be joyful tears!

His Healing


Head hanging
Shoulders sagging
Couldn’t be bragging
About my mood

Soul searching
Heart hurting
Forever turning
To face a wall

Dawn breaking
Light changing
God saving
My empty soul

Joy filling
Heart thrilling
Restlessness stilling
He does it all

—– December, 2011

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