Poems, Personal Stories, and Observations

Jumbled Dream

Written while taking a walk in the neighborhood.
Just playing with the sounds of words —
Hope it might have some meaning for you … 🙂


I fell into a dream and screamed.
I fell into a vat and laughed.
I flew around the sky and cried.
I prayed, and then my fears were stayed.

I broke into a song and longed
For peace within my troubled heart.
I wrote this poem with these words
To stop the threat of life absurd.

I felt the wind against my skin.
I felt the peace well up within.
I tried to give you all my heart —
At least, I made a running start.

I sang the song of always-love.
It flew in air, like peaceful dove.
The Spirit came down from above,
And told me what His secret was.

I fell into a new romance.
It made me jump about and dance.
Alas, ’twas just a thing of chance —
A fluke, a spark, a happenstance.

And now I see that nothing lasts,
Except the love born in my past.
The Love that brought me from the womb,
And will be there when I meet tomb.

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