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In the Melting Pot

It’s a land of many strangers,
In crowds — and some lone rangers.
You might be in some danger,
But making friends — a game changer.

You look for what’s in common:
“Do you like pasta, or ramen?”
“Do you say ‘ae-men’ or ‘ah-men’?”
“Or how about ‘crawl-ING’ or ‘crawl-IN’?

You want to be understood,
But you don’t know if you should
Speak up or keep your peace — 
“Just pass the paprika, please.”

It can be so confusing —
The culture clash I’m losing.
But having no fear, must dry my tears —
Here’s wisdom for the years:

You look for the best in people,
Look up to the heights, like a steeple.
It’s others’ problem if they mistreat you,
God, who is love, won’t reject you.

There’ll always be those who mistrust you,
Or just tend to misunderstand you.
It’s just human nature; they don’t have the big picture.
Let it go, and you’ll be the victor.

It Hurts to Love

The cross of Christ is a paradox.  How can something so painful be good, and even holy?  Perhaps the more you love others, the more you will suffer.  Yes, there will be times of joy, but let’s face it:  often, it hurts to love.

Because you cared about others, but often they misunderstood you, or they felt threatened by your love, you suffered.  Or, you suffered when you saw your loved one suffering.  Or, you see their bad choices, but cannot make them change.  Then you must wait and pray and trust that God may change their hearts.


Well, you just can’t be good enough for some people,
Their standards are high’r than a steeple.
No matter what you do, your intentions are cruel,
At least that’s what they seem to think of you.

No matter how hard you try, they’re still gonna cry
That you’ve been unfair, that you really don’t care.
That you’re really a jerk, and your ways just don’t work.

Well, maybe they’re right; it seems to be my plight
To be misunderstood, no matter how good.
Yes, it must be my fault, looks like guiltless I’m not.

Okay, I’m not perfect; I just can’t live up to it.
Your standard, that is. I’m just not a whiz
At following your ways — I’m in a daze.

So it’s time to chill out; quit making a shout
About things that don’t matter; stop all the chatter.
Give it a rest; it’ll be for the best.

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