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The California Primary Election

Just voted in the California primary.
Okay, the candidate choices aren’t great, but there are issues to vote on as well.
The first few times I voted I cried with gratitude, and many times thereafter, even if it was an election for water district or some other obscure thing.
My parents left Hungary near the end of WWII, partly because the Russian communists were invading. For the next 40 years or so, Hungarians (including the relatives I had who did not leave) had to endure communism, not the least problem of which is there is only one political party!
When I first visited there in 1980, before the Berlin wall came down and countries became freer, people were still afraid of the occupying Russians. People of faith could not get good jobs, and many people worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. My relatives even told me that to talk politics or religion, you would not, for example, do that while rowing a boat on the water, because sound carries over the water. They were that paranoid.
Many people have fought for the right to vote. I try never to miss an election, even if it’s for the water district.

Communism’s Seven Wonders

A Hungarian relative sent me this. I don’t know who wrote it and I hope I translated it correctly!



1) Everyone had work.
2) Although everyone had work, nobody did anything.
3) Although no one did anything, production exceeded 100%.
4) Although production exceeded 100%, it was still impossible to get anything.
5) Although it was impossible to get anything, everyone had everything.
6) Although everyone had everything, nevertheless everyone was stealing.
7) Although everyone was stealing, no ever missed anything

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