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Grand Canyon

On first sight,
Like little children,
With eyes agog and mouths agape —
Paralyzed in awe and wonder

Or crying,
Strangely still,
Feeling humble

Ancient, ancient rocks
Tell God’s secrets
In silence

There’s a Reason

There’s a reason for your suffering,
A purpose for your pain.
God’s forging new beginnings;
Your hurt is not in vain.

You may be in confusion,
Be tempted by despair,
But if you’ll keep on trusting,
No comfort can compare.

Your life is God’s creation;
His plan, it has no flaw.
And when His work is over,
You’ll stand in humble awe.

Remember you are clay now,
Or liquid metal made.
Each person finely crafted,
A creature now remade.




Black butterfly
On angel’s wings.
A brown and common
Bird that sings.

A blade of grass
That no one sees.
A quiet child,
A bright sunbeam.

They pass her by —
Nothing unusual.
She sits and sighs —
It’s life as usual.

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