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The Window on Your Mind

[Inspired by Denise and Jacob discussing math, poetry, and philosophy]

Different minds
And ways of being.
Different eyes
And ways of seeing.

To different beauties
We are attracted;
The dance of life
For each enacted.

The heart and mind
Must have a reason
To live, to die —
In every season.

You might think beauty
Is only in art
But even equations
Can move the heart.

Can’t Keep the Poems Back

Can’t keep the poems back,
The sing-song words,
They roll and turn
Inside my head.

They make me sane,
Help put a frame
‘Round jumbled thoughts
And pensive knots.

They make a fence,
Repel nonsense,
Build peaceful scenes
And help me dream.

The words are strong,
They build a bond.
They help express
Love’s fruitfulness.

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