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All the Difference

One life, Jesus’ life … has made all the difference.  Because of Him, we can have light instead of darkness, hope instead of despair, forgiveness instead of condemnation.

He was born in poverty, not riches. He was born without fame or popularity.  He was born to teach us how to give, not grab.

You, too, can make a difference by loving your neighbor and forgiving your enemies.

Christmas Cards

On my wall I tape the cards
Sent thoughtfully at Christmas time,
Or letters / emails printed out,
With lines of news, with lines of grief.

The people whom my path has crossed,
The people thought of, long ago,
Who made a difference in my life
Who eased my lonely heart somehow.

The people who have sculpted me;
They didn’t know it at the time.
They made a difference, then went on.
They changed my patterns, changing me.

Perhaps I do not see them now —
They’ve gone away, or I from them.
And, still, they are a part of me.
And I, perhaps, a part of them.

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