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Made for Infinity

I know You have a plan

A purpose great for me

But what the plan and purpose are

Is hard for me to see


It’s hidden from my eyesight

Too quiet for my ears

Or maybe I could see and hear

If not absorbed by fear


You’re making a creation

You have an awesome plan

The gears are turning slowly

O’er many years they span


The universe You fashioned

The earth, the stars, the sea –

Am I just a speck of dust, or —

Made for infinity?

Comments on: "Made for Infinity" (2)

  1. We all come to that time in our lives when we wonder if there is more to life than we have got. We want to know if dust is all we are or if we can live beyond time.
    I believe the eternal truth that God created each of us for a specific and delightful purpose should encourage us. We may not fully understand why we are here, but we know that if we put our hands in His hand, God will surely lead us home!

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I believe that too! It’s just that sometimes it’s not clear how the plan and purpose is going to work out; we just have to trust that it will.

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