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The Kidney Stone Miracle

So, on President’s Day, 2/17/2014, I was thinking of going to a class at my church. On the way to the car, I thought, “I don’t feel that great, I’d better stay home.” Soon my husband got home from work, and we ate dinner. I gradually felt worse. We went to bed and I kept hoping the bad feeling would go away, but it didn’t. Pretty soon my lower right back started to hurt and it got worse. The pain became so bad that I vomited. I told Tom, “We need to go to urgent care or emergency.” We soon figured out that urgent care had just closed (it was 9:05 p.m.), so off we went to emergency. It began to be the same level of pain as being in labor before birth, but I never vomited in labor.

We checked in and had to wait for triage. Meanwhile I was hunched over, breathing hard. Eventually it was our turn and I explained to the nurse my pain, unfortunately vomiting once or twice again, into a bag given me for that purpose. I have to admire the medical folks, who emotionally might want to fix your pain right away, but don’t because they need to know what’s wrong first. It must be hard to watch.

Soon I was put in a private room in the emergency ward. I can’t remember the sequence of things, but eventually I did get some pain medication. I think it was given soon after they did a CT scan; I don’t recall. In any case, I finally got relief. Perhaps a half hour later, although again all the times are fuzzy, a doctor from radiology came in to say, yes, I had a kidney stone on my right side , and it was stuck for the time being.

Then he went on to say that they’d also found “something concerning”, a tumor near the left kidney. Needless to say, Tom and I were in shock and it took time for it to sink in. The doctor gave me a list of specialists to choose from to make an appointment as soon as possible.

In the end, we met with the specialist and first agreed that he would clean out my right kidney with lithotripsy and get the stuck kidney stone as well. So 2/20, I had the lithotripsy, but the stuck kidney stone had already passed, though I didn’t know it! (Too many pain meds, maybe?) At least my right kidney shouldn’t give me trouble for a while! It took me about two weeks to feel somewhat normal again. Meanwhile, I got another CT scan, with contrast, which I take it is more accurate, so the doctor could get a better look at the tumor.

So, to get to the miracle: If I hadn’t had the emergency, I never would have had the CT scan, which revealed the tumor. The tumor hasn’t spread. Though I don’t like the situation, it’s early enough to remove the tumor altogether, and I should be fine. If you already feel symptoms from the tumor (which I had not), it may be too late to cure. Thank you, Lord!

Surgery is now scheduled for 3/17/2014 (previously 3/31). I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks in advance!


Postscript: After the surgery, in a communication with my surgeon, he hinted that the kidney stones were not that big and perhaps the main reason I had the emergency was that I was dehydrated.

Comments on: "The Kidney Stone Miracle" (10)

  1. Jim Roche said:

    Cathy, Praise God for drawing your attention to the tumor with the pain from the kidney stone! We’ll be praying for you and your family.

  2. Ken Doran said:

    So glad it was caught early. Praise the Lord! Cathy, may the luck of the Irish be with you on St. Patrick’s Day, as this pesky intruder is booted out. Danielle and I will be praying for you, your doctors and nurses, your doctors’ guardian angels, and Tom, too.

  3. Thoughts and prayers to you and your Family Cathy!!

  4. Gloria Lorelli said:

    Hi Cathy, I was wondering why you were missing from the choir at Fr. Samuel’s 10th Anniversary Ordination Mass. You were missed. Praise the Lord for this successful surgery, your daughter being with you at Spring Break. A son is his mother’s until he takes a wife, a daughter is her mother’s for the rest of her life. I’m going to a mass for healing in an hour or so at Immaculate Conception Parish in Sparks, NV. Praying for God’s continued healing and healthy recovery from this surgery. May you be blessed in the name and power and love of Jesus Christ the Lord, BVM, St. Joseph and St. Raphael, Patron Saint of Healing. Amen

    peace and hugs, Gloria

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