Poems, Personal Stories, and Observations

Life Goes On

Life goes on, life goes on
Even when you thought it gone,
Even when you tried so hard
To shut it out and want it done.

It has a way of oozing out,
To make you cry,
To make you shout —
Life goes on.

I wonder if I really tried
To fully live and not to hide —
I wonder if I laughed and cried,
Would life go on?

If people knew my inner thoughts,
Would life go on?
If sometimes I would just express
Some tenderness,
Would it embarrass?

If honestly I said my piece,
And calmly thoughts I did release
With love, respect,
But would it still
Cause some regrets?

Does anybody want the truth?
Or would they rather have deceit?
Would they want to sugar coat
And keep our friendship on remote?

And even I
Might tell a lie
When fear is crouching
At my door.

But while there’s life there’s hope;
It’s not a joke.

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