Poems, Personal Stories, and Observations

How did I come upon this place,
This foreign land of foreign tongue?
Strangers, strangers, everyone —
I don’t fit in and don’t belong.

He sent me to a foreign land
To people that I did not know
His goal I did not understand
I had to plant new roots and grow

Doubts and fears — they crowded in.
My faith was fragile, but survived.
Mistakes, delusions, sometimes sin;
And still He kept right by my side.

My soul was bitter; my way was hard.
But oft’ a glorious light broke through.
He sent companions to my side;
His friends and mine His love showed true.

And now I know His purpose great
His plan He had to orchestrate.
This life is not for foolish pride,
But that His name be magnified.

Heaven is my real home,
“The only goal,” I said three times,
And sent my children on their way
With blessings in the Father’s name.

And so life’s circle has come full:
The morning, noon, then day is done.
The life that from the darkness rose
Goes back to meet the Father’s Son.

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